What we do

services without the silos

Our communications specialists from diverse cultures and countries are steeped in healthcare and dedicated to creating understandable and motivating communications that can truly change behavior and improve outcomes.

Our clients turn to us because they need scalable, collaborative teams who can work across disciplines and geographies to create integrated, effective customer experiences that accelerate brand performance.

They stay with us because we’re committed to pioneering a new era of accountable marketing that will help clients understand the return on new investments and target spending to the highest-impact opportunities.

Advertising & Creative

From motivating insight to compelling experience, we bring creative thinking to every brand challenge. Our creative teams are backed up by a full in-house studio to handle everything from concepting to research to post-production.


Our relationships in the healthcare and health policy arenas are vast and deep. We lead multiple coalitions, comprised of an eclectic bunch of healthcare’s key players. These key thought leaders know and trust us. Our clients are the beneficiaries of that trust.

Analytics & Measurement

Measurement is more important now than ever before. We use analytics experts and data visualization to track goals against benchmarks and spot opportunities. So we can optimize and improve communications programs to move the needle.

Behavioral Science

We bring together experts from various disciplines to develop and implement scientifically designed interventions intended to improve health outcomes, enhance therapy adherence, increase patient satisfaction and loyalty and drive product preference and gains in market share.

Branding and Naming

Our work with established and emerging companies has created hundreds of strong, long-lasting brands. From pharmaceutical brand naming to scientific branding and strategy, we have developed engaging brands for every audience.

Clinical Trial Recruitment

We leverage the best practices in communications and engagement to create fully integrated programs from Phase 1 through Phase 4. Working across all geographies and therapeutic categories, we create local programs suited to the needs of the site and patient population.

Digital & Social

Digital and social channels are an integral platform for individuals to explore the vast health and wellness landscape. Rooted in deep experience in traditional healthcare communications, we understand digital and social media trends to appropriately leverage and execute.

Disease Awareness

Our teams create and execute compelling disease awareness initiatives–from large, national public education campaigns showcased by high-profile media, to local community events that engage patients, caregivers and other important audiences in ways that are meaningful and relevant.

Employee Engagement & Internal Communications

Internal communications specialists counsel clients on navigating change and building the right communications programs to engage and inspire employees. We provide merger communications, change management, visibility plans and employee engagement programs that are instrumental to an organization’s success.

Influencer Identification

Based upon our relationships with KOLs and influential individuals in the healthcare sector, we will work with you to successfully identify, source and work with these individuals to lift awareness and upscale your image in your brand’s niche.

Innovation Acceleration

Innovation is the relentless pursuit of better ways to improve services, relationships and the very possibilities of experience. Our teams are committed to helping organizations outperform in any economic environment—because we believe in a better way—providing real inspiration and a proven framework to power innovative thinking.

Integrated Solutions

We are a distinct breed of practitioner, galvanized by our unique "lab to life" lens that gives us a full picture of the challenges and solutions for brands throughout their lifecycle. We offer integrated launch communications, market conditioning, late lifecycle support and other services to meet complex client needs.

Managed Markets & Payer Communications

Our seasoned managed markets and market access professionals specialize in value proposition development, Value Access Decision Models™, FDAMA 114 messages, access and reimbursement programs, payer communications programs and managed markets branding.

Medical Communications

Evidence-based medicine allow us to make sense of increasingly complex trial outcomes. But the data story is no longer enough, and differentiating yourself depends on communicating values that change over time, go far beyond efficacy and safety and are relevant to a diverse group of stakeholders. We can help you educate and engage in promotional and non-promotional formats across the spectrum of audiences including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and payers.

Multi-Channel Strategy

In a world that's always on, brands need to provide the ultimate engagement experience across channels and devices. Our teams are fully equipped to create multi-faceted, strategic plans that cut through clutter, provide consistent messaging throughout the journey and use data to prove and maintain that we are delivering on your bottom line.

Patient Engagement

inVentiv Health's deep understanding of patients and their lives, alongside our commitment to infusing the patient voice in everything we do, from clinical development to commercialization, results in programs that drive measurable impact in all areas of patient engagement and involvement. This is our goal whether we’re supporting recruitment, raising awareness or improving the outcomes of our clients’ therapies.

Predictive Planning

Predictive planning enables us to test a wide variety of strategies in various market scenarios, see how they would perform, and align on the optimal course of action. Whether you're working to optimize marketing mix, messaging, launch strategy or understand how to respond in the face of change, predictive planning helps build evidence-based plans that maximize ROI.

Public Relations

Through public relations, we launch brands and build the reputations of companies working to improve human health. With an integrated approach to communications, our PR teams offer best-in-class communications that drive corporate value, enhance brand perception and deliver on the bottom line.


Our skilled scientific team is comprised of PhD-level writers with expertise in strategic publication planning and execution. Strict adherence to GPP3 guidelines and internal processes and produce the highest quality of written and design work and provide the basis for smart, effective publication plans and compelling communications that drive broad data dissemination. In addition, working with our digital and multi-channel experts, we can amortize the value of published data through creation of “Talking Papers” and use of technology like VR/AR, to create engaging tools for field teams and external audiences.

Research & Insights

inVentiv Health Research & Insights partners with clients to conduct research across product lifecycles to help manage and optimize brands and portfolios. Whether maximizing commercial potential or health economics and outcomes, from new drug development to portfolio management, we deliver expertise, value and insight that you can depend on.

Reputation & Risk Management

Our communications consultants specialize in preventing issues before they become crises. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies can rely on us to de-escalate challenges as they arise and trust our commitment to improving outcomes for all stakeholders on issues that matter to businesses and lives.

Scientific Platform Development

Our skilled team of scientific writers and strategists creates scientific platforms that allow you to tell a value story with one voice and align multiple stakeholders across communications from ad boards, to digital solutions, conferences, publications and more. We go one step further by helping you use this foundational story to inform channel strategy, publication plans and learning management.

Our Advantage: Collaboration

Our unique structure, in which service and collaboration are valued above all else, allows inVentiv Health Communications agencies to operate as a natural extension of our clients’ organizations.

Standardized processes and workflows across agencies—particularly for project management—facilitate more seamless integration and support from cross-agency stakeholders to meet client needs.